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All-ages drag show in Portage had low turnout, critics label participants as 'groomers' and 'ANTIFA'

By: Geoffrey Fields

Pulling up to cover this "event" was like the new 2023 edition of the walking dead. Maybe 70 people, socialist Democrats, gathered at the Unitarian Universalist church in Portage,MI to groom children. Prior to the show open workshops were held for children and adults to try on clothes and accessories of the opposite sex. An ugly practice the media and Democrat politicians have endorsed. 

One thing was clear at this event: For being hosted at a church-- God wasn't represented anywhere on the property.


Wannabe thugs dressed purposely like ANTIFA roamed the lot. The news crew at TTA attempted to speak with those in support of this event but were met with an awkward silence.

"The masks are not for covid, they are so they can remain anonymous... straight cringe..." Brandon FIelds, peaceful protester, TTA security

Supporters outside the drag show hid their identities behind masks and brandished potential weapons as well. 70 degrees outside and wearing masks and baggy clothing? Carrying around tire irons? Clearly these are optics no church should promote, let alone endorse. I have often said, "Grooming children to unleash their inner queen is wrong for ANY church, I don't care if it's the church of satan.. leave the children alone".

The modern day Democratic party has lost their mind. According to the Washington Post: "Clear majorities of Americans support restrictions" on gender transition care on minors. Recent polling offers "political jet fuel for Republicans in state legislatures and Congress who are pushing measures restricting curriculum, sports participation and medical care. Most Americans don’t believe it’s even possible to be a gender that differs from that assigned at birth."

Child grooming is a term that stirs up deep concerns for the safety and well-being of our children. It involves the manipulation or exploitation of a child, often with sexual or psychological intent. Drag shows, known for their theatrical flair and expressive performances, have historically catered to adult audiences. However, a growing concern has emerged regarding their presence in events specifically targeting children. Critics argue that exposing children to drag shows at a young ages blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality, potentially influencing their understanding of gender, sexuality, and identity development. They contend that children should be allowed to develop at their own pace, free from adult-oriented influences.


"Trans-groomers are tricking children into making irreversible decisions which they may later regret." Geoffrey Fields, Story Author

Today's event in Kalamazoo County highlights the growing decay of norms under Democrat leadership. Kalamazoo County sheriff Richard Fuller should launch criminal investigations into the Unitarian Universalist Church leaders immediately for organizing and hosting this event. Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson and Portage Mayor Patricia Randall are weak-on-crime politicians who encourage these types of activities targeting minors. Population size has decreased steadily since the 1980s and crime is up over 100% compared to the national average. These failed politicians do nothing as their cities go to hell, in fact their policies they are the direct cause. 

Image by Agence Olloweb



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